Nature documentary series made by independent movie making company Ducháček Movies introduce five dangerous animals which anyone can meet during traveling in our country. Author of series - Pavel Žďárek - tries to get closer to animals right in nature with camera. He takes specialists and experts with him. You will visit breeders of dangerous animals, you will reveal their secrets, destroy the myths and find their real beauty.
Cheiracanthium punctorium

Venomous spider living nearly everywhere in the CR! His mandibles develop such press, that get them through the human skin. And the poison has a strength to paralise even a man.

First part of series look for the answers of questions: how much is this spider dangerous to man? Where we can meet it? How mighty is its poison? How large are his colonies? Do we have to fear of invasion?

Film premiere: summer 2010

Common Adder (Vipera berus)

The only venomous snake living in our area. They warned us before him at the school yet: His bite could kill!

Second part of series examine: is his bite really dangerous for our life? How many snakes of this kind live in our country? Where you can hear its hisses? 

Film premiere: autumn 2010
Cattle Tick (Ixodes ricinus)

Unpleasant tick likes to drink human blood. It is usually disease vector too, fox example borreliosis and encephalitic.

In third part of series we find answers for questions: Where do they live, how much of them and why do they like the human blood? What is the best defence against them? And how to get the tick off the body?

Film premiere: winter 2010

Giant Hornet (Vespa crabro)

It is the biggest waspish animal in our country and it can strike into terror by its look. But is its bite really so danger? And is it really so aggressive?

Forth part of series lets you find out, what is the hornet in very deed. If it is as dangerous as it looks? What is its life cycle? What kind of poison emits into the body when bites? Could hornet kill us?

Film premiere: winter 2010
Water shrew (Neomys fodiens)

The only mammal in Europe who has the poison in its teeth!

Fifth part of series lets you find out, why this animal needs its poison? Is it abble to bite the man to the death? Where you can meet it? And why is there so few photos of it?

Film premiere: summer 2011
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Nature documentary series
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